Mandore Fort Jodhpur - Tourist Attraction Jodhpur

Mandore Fort Tourist Attraction Jodhpur

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Mandore Fort 

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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Destination Build In

6th century AD

Destination Build By

King Nahar Rao Panwar

Mondore Fort: Information About Monument

Mandore is an ancient town. Mandor fort is built in the 6th century AD by King Nahar Rao Panwar which is the Gurjar -Pratihara dynasty which ruled the region in.

The town remained the seat of the Rathore clan befort shifted his capital to the newly founded city of Jodhpur and built Maharangarh fort jodhpur by Rao Jodha chief of Rathore clan in 1459. Mandore was the capital of the erstwhile princely state of Marwar (Jodhpur State), before moving to Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur.

The ancient town of Mandore is just five-and-a-half miles north of the attraction of tourism Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This ancient town was left in ruins following the abandonment. All that’s left today is the Mandore Gardens. One of best-preserved sites here is the Mandore Gardens that stand strong to tell the tale of a bygone era. The gardens are full of monkeys - great fun to see a monkey snatch away a purse or pounce on biscuits that were given to them. Acts of monkeys are a sheer joy to observe.

It was an important centre of art and architecture. There are remains of a huge Brahma Mandir, Durga Temple amidst ruins of fort. The striking Hindu temple, known as the ‘Temple of 33 crore gods‘ is an unmissable spot in the garden, especially because it houses beautiful images of Hindu deities, which portray the marvellous artistry of that period. The historic town boasts several monuments. The now ruined Mandore fort, with its thick walls and substantial size, was built in several stages and was once a fine piece of architecture. A huge, now ruined temple is a highlight of the fort. The outer wall of the temple depicts finely carved botanical designs, birds, animals and planets.

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