Akbar Fort Ajmer - Tourist Attraction Place Ajmer Rajasthan

Akbar Fort Tourist Attraction Place Ajmer Rajasthan

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Akbar Fort  

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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Akbari Fort Construction of this had been commissioned by Akbar in 1570. Also known as Ajmer fort, Akbari Quila, or Akbar’s palace. Now, Akbari Fort is modified to use as a museum In Ajmer. Inside that, there is a collection of Paintings, armor, and sculpture of Mughal and Rajput. It was the residence of Prince Salim, the son of the Emperor Akbar.

This is the place where the Jahangir (Salim) gives permission to Thomas Roe to sitting up and read out the farmân permitting the British East India Company to trade with India which changes the history of India.

The Akbari Fort Museum

The Ajmer palace, displaying none of its extraction, is now home to an unassuming government museum which exhibits finds from Mohenjodaro and Harappa, statuary from medieval India, sculpture, old weapons and miniature paintings.

Many fine and delicate sculptures of the region have been displayed here. The building itself is constructed in red sandstone, which has been laid in a square pattern giving it a beautiful look.

The fort is also known as the masterpiece cause of its magnificent architecture and also because it is not situated on any hill like an any-other fort. Ajmer fort or Akbari Quila is the most important part of the history of Ajmer. On the other hand, the Sound and light show makes it a more memorizing destination for the tourists. the timing of the show 7pm – 8pm And show 's go up to 45 min.

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