Badnore Fort Bhilwara - Tourist Attraction Place Rajasthan

Badnore Fort  Tourist Attraction Place Bhilwara Rajasthan

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Badnore Fort  

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Badnore Fort Bhilwara: History

Badnore Fort is a strikingly magnificent place situated in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. Badnor Fort is an example of medieval Indian military style of architecture. It is a huge seven storied Fort standing magnificently atop a small hill which allows it to provide a widespread and stunning view from the fort. The architecture of the Fort reflects that of the splendid traditional Rajputana style as well. The buildings within Badnore Fort Bhilwara are all built in traditional Rajputana style of architecture, which is a local variation of the extensive Hindu style of architecture.

Although Badnore Fort Bhilwara is in a state of decay presently, it represents the glory and architectural splendor of the erstwhile Rajput rulers of Rajasthan. The strategic location of the fort increased its significance. Because, The fort has been strategically constructed as it has provided defense to the rulers back then and has also served as a mute witness to a lot of dissension in its earlier days.

The fort is strategically placed near a Lake which doesn’t just gives an awe-striking view but has also blocked invaders to attack easily from one side. The Lake water was the major source of water for the occupants of the fort. There are a number of small monuments and temples within the precincts of the Badnore Fort in the Rajasthan and around it.

Badnore Fort Bhilwara: Inside the Fort

To enter the fort, one has to go through the huge Gateway which is rightfully known as the Bada Darwaza. Two temples can be spotted at the entrance of the fort. As you go further, you’ll find a prison with separate cells along with numerous stables.

Apart from that, the fort has many rooms which are spread across different levels and each room has a small window. These windows were not constructed just for decoration but they were mostly used to aim at the invaders and shoot at them. It provided the stability to the people to focus and attack. While some of them used the protruding balconies for the same.

Badnore Fort Bhilwara: Jalmahal Palace

There is a Palace near the fort named as Jalmahal Palace which is built on the banks of Vinodsagar Lake. This palace was served as the summer house for the kingly residents of the fort.

Badnore Fort Bhilwara: Chamunda Devi temple

Chamunda Devi temple or Chamunda Mata temple is situated on the hills of Harni Mahadev. It is said that the ancient temple grants wish from all her devotees who wish from a clean heart. Apart from that, one can get a spectacular view of the entire from up above the hill.

Badnore Fort Bhilwara: Kushalamata temple

the construction of Kushalmata temple was done by Rana Kumbha when he won the war of Badnor/Bairath war back in 1457 AD. The temple offers peace and serenity to any of its visitors. Thus, making it a must-visit site from the fort.

Apart from that, there is also an ancient Jain temple near the fort which houses the statues of 12 Tirthankars of Jain.

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