Bir Singh Palace Datia

Bir Singh Palace Datia

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Bir Singh Palace 

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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Bundelkhand Maharaja Bir Singh Dev

Bir Singh Palace Datia: History

Bir Singh Palace Datia was built by The founder of the Datia State in Bundelkhand Maharaja Bir Singh Dev around 1614 AD. It Palace is known by different names such as Datia Palace or Bir Singh Palace or Bir Singh Dev Palace as well as the Purana Mahal or the “Old palace”. The specialty of this palace is that it is of 7 floor. So it is also called as the Satkhanda Palace. However neither member from the royal family did ever lived here. It is said to, when he was visit to Mathura, just before got himself weighed with gold and subsequently started constructing this palace, which was completed in around nine years. This palace is one of the finest examples of domestic architecture of our country.

Bir Singh Palace Datia: Structure

Bir Singh Palace is a 7-storied architecture with two floors positioned in the basement. It is only made out of stone and bricks without any usage of wood or iron. So, the whole 7- storied building stands without any support of a metal or even wood. It is built in the form of a square, the monotony being relieved by four octagonal towers, one at each corner, and string courses of stone lattice work defining the five storeys. The summit is ornamented by numerous chhatris crowned with ribbed domes, while many of the ceilings in its chambers are finely carved. The southern face over looks a large lake. This Palace has around 440 rooms and many courtyards. The walls of Bir Singh Dev Palace (Datia Palace) is adorned with incredible paintings. These pictures were made using organic colours (extracts from fruits and vegetables). Datia Mahal is one of the great examples of Indo-Islamic architectures in India. A blend of Rajputani and Mughal styles gives it a luxurious look.

Bir Singh Palace Datia: Attractions inside

Datia Palace There is a Ganesha Temple, Durga Temple and also a Dargah inside Datia Mahal complex. The beautiful entrances, vast courtyards, elegant windows, stunning views of the city and several paintings on the walls are some of the incredible attractions inside Datia Palace. Hence, Datia Mahal is one of the beautiful fort palaces in Madhya Pradesh.

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