Kishore Sagar and Jag Mandir Palace Kota - Tourist Attraction Kota Rajasthan

Kishore Sagar and Jag Mandir Palace  Tourist Attraction Kota Rajasthan

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Kishore Sagar and Jag Mandir Palace 

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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Bundi Prince Dehra Deh

Kishore Sagar lake is an artificial picturesque lake. It constructed by the Bundi Prince Dehra Deh in 1346. It located by the side of attractive Brij Vilas palace museum kota. A palace named as Jagmadir is located at the heart of the museum. The reflections of the exquisite palace walls and domes in the azure water of the Kishore Sagar Lake are breathtaking.

The Jagmandir Palace is just another one of the tourist attractions in Kota. It a small palace constructed in the centre of Kishore Sagar Lake in the heart of Kota City, Rajasthan India. It was built by one of the Maharanis of Kota in 1740. One can enjoy the boat rides in the waters surrounding the palace. The Keshar Bagh, which is famous for its royal cenotaphs, lies in the vicinity. This Palace Built in red sandstone, the Jagmandir Palace boasts of architectural superiority and is a monument of exquisite beauty. The palace served as a pleasure palace for the kings of Kota.

Now, the palace is open for tourists and they could enjoy boat rides in the Kishore Sagar Lake and take pleasure in the panoramic view of its particular environment and the palace from the lake. The Keshar Bagh is famous for its royal cenotaphs and is, in addition, situated close to the Jagmandir Palace.

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