laxmangarh fort sikar - tourist attraction Rajasthan

laxmangarh fort tourist attraction sikar Rajasthan

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Laxmangarh Fort 

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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Rao Raja Laxman Singh

Laxmangarh Fort is a demolished old fort, situated on a hill in  Laxmangarh and distance of 30km from Sikar, Rajasthan. This monument was built by Rao Raja Laxman Singh of Sikar in 1862 after Kan Singh Saledhi besieged the prosperous town. The Laxmangarh Fort is a unique piece of fort architecture in the whole world because the structure is built upon scattered rock, attracts huge attention. The fort is on the western side of the Laxmangarh town.

The uniqueness of the architecture of the fort lies in the fact that it is built on scattered pieces of huge rocks in Shekhawati Style. The main attraction of the monument are the frescoes. There is a ramp in the fort. Many havelis in close to the Laxmangarh fort, like Bansidhar Rathi Haveli, Mirijamal Kyala Haveli, Sanganeria Haveli, Sawant Ram Chokhani Haveli, Kedia Haveli and Char Chowk Haveli attract a large number of tourists every year.

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