Rajgarh Palace Datia

Rajgarh Palace Datia

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Destination Name

Rajgarh Palace 

Destination Venue


Destination Time

10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Destination Type

Historical Monuments Places

Destination Ticket Price


Destination Build In

18th Century

Destination Build By

Raja Satrujit Singh Bundela

Rajgarh Palace Datia

Rajgarh Palace is Built By Bundela chieftain Raja Satrujit Singh Bundela Decendent Of Oorcha In 18th Century. Anchored on foot of Maniyagarh hills, near Peetambra Peeth Rajgarh Palace is a fine example of pure Bundeli architecture. A part of the palace is now converted into museum and stores a vast collection of artifacts including coins and stones relating to Bundelkhandi culture.

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