Shahabad Fort Baran - Tourist Attraction Baran Rajasthan

Shahabad Fort Tourist Attraction Baran Rajasthan

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Shahabad Fort 

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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Chauhan Vanshi Dhandhel Rajput Mukutmani Dev

The Shahabad fort was constructed by Chauhan Vanshi Dhandhel Rajput Mukutmani Dev  in 1521. The fort of Shahabad is located in Shahabad town of Baran district of Rajasthan, which is one of the strongest forts of Hadoti region. Shahabad Fort is an ancient fort situated on the hilltop in the middle of a forest area. The Shahabad Fort is located about 80 km from Baran.

The fort is bounded by the valley of Kundakoh and has 18 powerful cannons one of which was up to 19 feet long. A topkhana or artillery, a barudkhana and some temples are also located in the premises of the fort. The Fort of Shahabad is surrounded by the forests and it attracts more lovers of nature and tourists.

Apart from them, there are artillery, barudkhana and many temples in this fort. The fort of Shahbad is ancient and tourism is very important.

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