Taragarh Fort Ajmer - Tourist Attraction Ajmer Rajasthan

Taragarh Fort  Tourist Attraction Ajmer Rajasthan

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Taragarh Fort  

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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King Ajaypal Chauhan

Taragarh Fort (Star Fort) built by under the reign of King Ajaypal Chauhan in 1113 AD. It is located atop the Nagpahari Hill in Ajmer. It is also known as the 'Fort of Ajmer'. That monument has the reputation of being one of the oldest hill forts of the world.

This Fort is Situated 3 km and a steep 1.5 hours climb beyond the Adhai-din ka Jhonpra Mosque, the fort offers an aerial view of the entire city.

The Taragarh Fort is a spectacular and outstanding example of Rajasthani architecture. During the Mughal rule in Ajmer, The Taragarh Fort was used as an important center of military activity. During the British occupation in Ajmer, the fort was used as a sanatorium.

Lakshmi Pol, Phuta Darwaza and Gagudi ki Phatak are the three gateways of the Taragarh Fort Ajmer. Most parts of these gateways are now in ruins. During its heyday, The Taragarh Fort was renowned for its tunnels crisscrossing the entire hillside. However, these tunnels are now inaccessible.

The largest of its battlements is the 16th-century bastion known as the Bhim Burj. The Bhim Burj that acts as a crenellation and support for the canons is amongst the highlights of the fort. The Bhim Burj was once mounted a large cannon called Garbh Gunjam, or 'Thunder from the Womb'. The fort also contains many reservoirs, carved out of the solid rock.

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