Taragarh Fort Bundi Star fort Bundi - Tourist Attraction Bundi Rajasthan


The fort served as a perfect defense system against the enemies. The rugged topography of Nagpahari hill on which the fort was built made it inaccessible to the invading armies. The fort contains huge walls, water reservoirs and monumental structures such as the Rani Mahal and Miran Saheb ki Dargah, a tomb dedicated to Miran Saheb, a great warrior who laid down his life defending Taragarh from marching rival troops. Taragarh Fort is also known by other names such as Star Fort and Ajaymeru Durg. The fort was once believed to be strong bastion of the Chauhan dynasty and is known for its tunnels crisscrossing the hillside. The fort has several gates namely Gagudi ki Phatak, Lakshmi Pol and Phuta Darwaza.

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