ajaigarh fort panna

ajaigarh fort panna

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ajaigarh fort 

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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Ajaigarh Fort Panna

Ajaigarh Fort is listed among the top attractions of the region. It stands alone at an altitude of 1,111 meters on a flat-topped projection of Kedar Parbat of the majestic Vindhya Hills of Panna. Kedar Parbat is an outlier of Kaimur sandstone resting on gneiss, and rising 860 feet above the plain below. It provides absolutely stunning views of the Ken River. This grand fort is noted for its rich historical past and architectural beauty and contains the ruins of several temples adorned with elaborately carved sculptures. The sides of the hill and all the surrounding country are covered with a thick forest of teak and tendu (Diospyros tooentosa), which adds to the wild picturesqueness of the scene.

Reminiscent of old times, this fort has two gates, two temples and two rock-cut tanks, close to the northern gate. These tanks have been named as Ganga and Yamuna. Other highlights of the fort are an old temple dedicated to the Chandela ruler, Raja Parmardi Deva and Jain temples that look similar to the Khajuraho Temples.The fort houses several sculptures of Goddess Astha Shakti. The fort has a famous lake called Ajay Pal ka Talao within its boundary. Visitors often feel charmed by the beauty of the lake.

High above the town towers the great fort, one of those strongholds known traditionally as the Ath Kot, or ' eight forts,' of Bundelkhand, which, with the natural ruggedness of the country, long enabled the Bundelas to maintain their independence against the armies of the Mughals and Marathas.

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