asirgarh fort burhanpur

Asirgarh Fort Burhanpur: History

Asirgarh Fort was built by a landlord named Asa Ahir during the 15th century, who was one of the most influential persons in the region. Asirgarh Fort is an ideal blend of Indian, Islamic and Persian styles of architecture. It is one of the ancient forts that has been standing tall for centuries and has many tales to tell. Spread across an area of 60 ac of land. It is a historical & strategically important fort. There is a historic  invincible fort at the top of a mound of satpura hills. This fort was considered very important in order to regulate southern part of India. It now stands in ruins, but history that it holds makes it a centrepiece of tourism circuit. This fort’s grandeur and beauty was once held in high esteem, which could not, however, escape the test of time.

It is about 259.1 meter high from its base and 701 meter high from sea level. There is a mosque, lord Shiva temple and one palace inside this fort to see. It is actually developed in 3 parts and each part have its own name. First part is called “Asirgarh”, second part is “Kamargarh” and thrid part is called “Malaygarh”. The architecture of the fort was influenced by the Mughals, an amalgamation of Islamic, Persian, Turkish and Indian styles. There are three-man made ponds to provide a water supply. There is a ruined mosque with minarets known as Asir Masjid inside the Fort. Apart from the Hindu and Muslim architecture, some ruins are of British origin and there are also British graves. This fort has been deserted following the departure of the British.

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