Baldeogarh Fort Tikamgarh

Baldevgarh Fort Tikamgard: History

The fort of Baldevgarh was built by Maharaja Vikramajit Singh for the storage of munitions and the protect of the Emperor from marathas and Mughals. It is the safest place during the princely period of Orchha in Baldevgarh district. Maharaja Vikramajit Singh troubled by the terror and plunder of the Marathas, removed the capital from Orchha and established it in Tikamgarh, a safe place for the soldiers of the state was discovered on the hills of Baldevgarh.

This place, nestled in the middle of the mountains and the forest, was found to be a test of safety (today Buldevgarh). After this, the Maharaja built the Sindhudurg Fort on 55 to 70 acres here. Gwalasagar Talab is a deep sea enclosed in the southern part of the fort door. Which surround the fort in the east. In the north, the window was filled to the door, in the northwest, Dharm Sagar used to surround the township and the fort and the hill, while burning the eyes of the monolithic, the Dharmasagar fort used to beat the Madan Birbal Balsagar dam outside the door. Yad Jalrashi around the fort used to be converted into Jaladurga.

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