Chanderi fort Ashoknagar

Chanderi fort Ashoknagar

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Chanderi fort 

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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11th century

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Chanderi fort Ashoknagar: History

Chanderi Fort located in the ancient town of Chanderi, in the district of Ashoknagar, in the state of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. The Historical Chanderi town is Situated on the borders of Bundelkhand & Malwa, whose history takes us back to the 11th century. It is located southwest side of the Betwa River on a hill that is 71 meter above the town. Chanderi is surrounded by hills, lakes and forests. In the surrounding of this Monument palace, there are many monuments related to the Malwa sultans and Bundela Rajputs. Chanderi finds mention in Mahabharata. Shishupal was the king of Mahabharata period. It is an important spot in the trade routes of Central India. It was close to the arterial path to the ancient ports of Gujarat. It was well connected with the Deccan, Mewar, Malwa and other part of Central India. Consequently, Chanderi became an important military outpost.

Chanderi fort Ashoknagar: Architectural and Importance

Chanderi Fort is one of the vast Mughal forts. This Monument dominates the skyline of the lovely old town of Chanderi. It has three gates for entrance. The uppermost gate is known as Hawa Paur and the lowermost gate is known as Khooni Darwaza. This Khooni Darwaza is main entrance gate of this fort. There is also a curious gateway known as katti-ghatti that is made through a hill side to the southwest side of the fort. This monument fort is situated on a hill 71 meter above the town. The fort is fortified with a 5 km long wall. This fortification walls were constructed mainly by the Muslim rulers of Chanderi. There are lot of shades of Hindu and Muslim architectural styles and patterns in this fort.

This important attraction of Chanderi tourism was built by King Kirti Pal in the 11th century. Surrounded by exquisite hills, lakes, and forest, this attractive destination is incredibly famous for Chanderi saris and historic monuments that draw a large number of tourists to this place every year. Also, the great Jain monuments, famous trikal choubisi, Khandarji and their fascinating culture make Chanderi, one of the most preffered tourist destinations in Madhya Pardesh. There are many things that boost Tourism in Chanderi like Chanderi Fort, Chanderi museum, Jain temples, and exquisite lakes.

Chanderi fort Ashoknagar: Palaces Nearby of monument

Chanderi fort Ashoknagar: Koshak Mahal

The Koshak Mahal was built by the Sultan of Malwa Mehmood Shah Khilji in 1445. It is an impressive palace standing at a distance of 4 km from Chanderi fort. It was constructed as a monument to mark the victory of Mehmood Shah in the battle at Kalpi over Sultan Mehmood Sharki. The Koshak Mahal is a square structure with large impressive arched doorways. The palace consists of four mansions of similar size and equally spaced from one another. A network of passages and overhead covered corridors connect them. The superstructure of the palace does not exist today, but the beauty of the palace can still be felt in the remaining portion standing there. Koshak Mahal was constructed from white local sandstone. All the four mansions of the palace feature identical style of architecture and design. The palace today stands with three complete storeys and an incomplete fourth storey.

Chanderi fort Ashoknagar: Badal Mahal Darwaza

Badal Mahal Darwaza was constructed by the Sultan Mehmood Shah Khilji the King of Malwa in the 15th century. It is basically a singular structure of a gate that doesn't lead to any palace or mahal. This historic gate enjoys a central location in Chanderi, near the Jama Masjid. Badal Mahal Darwaza has a height of 100 ft. The structure features elaborate carvings and impressive motifs. The top of the gate features an arched design and two tall minarets stand guard on both sides. The specialty of the structural design is that a gap exists above the arched top of the gate, which is followed by another arch, which brings up the end of the gate. This gate served the purpose of welcoming and honouring the state guests and visiting kings in a grand manner.

Chanderi fort Ashoknagar: Parameshwar Tal

Parameshwar Tal is a spectacular water body with a serene atmosphere. The water tank is located at a distance of half a mile from the historical city of Chanderi. The beautiful tank was constructed by the Bundela Rajput Kings. On the banks of the tank is a picturesque temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Laxman. The temple is an impressive piece of architecture with well-carved features. The temple was built by the Bundela King Anirudha Singh in the 18th century and stands witness to the glorious architectural progress of those days. Several memorials also dot the banks of Parameshwar Tal. These memorials were built to honour the Rajput kings. The stunning view of the Parameshwar Tal attracts tourists from all over the country to visit this beautiful and calm place.

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