Devgarh Fort Deogarh Chhindwara

Devgarh Fort Chhindwara : History

Devgarh Fort is located in Deogarh(Devgarh) Chhindwara, MP. This fort is built on a hill and is surrounded by a deep moat. It is situated on a spur of the southern range of Satpura hill. It was built around the 18th century. It is about 1 km. long and 15 m. wide. It is rectangular in shape and contains tanks and building. It was constructed in Islamic style during the time of Gond rulers. It was the focal point of the larger dynasty of Central India and was famous as the capital of the Gond dynasty kings. You can enter this fort from the north, this fort tells the story of historical importance. There is a pond in this fort which is known as Motitanka. Beneath Devgarh is the tomb of the Dhurva kings.

The fort of Deogarh is a historical fort. This fort is one of the best forts in Chhindwara district. There are many things to attract people to this fort. But a lot of places have been destroyed here, now only their remains are left. There are pearl stitches, Badal Mahal, Kachari, and Nakarkhana for you to see in the fort.

Devgarh Fort Chhindwara : In Side Monuments

Devgarh Fort Chhindwara : Nakarkhana

Sepoys were stationed on the roof of Nakarkhana, which used to guard around the fort. The arrival of the king in Nakarkhana was reported to the common people as a drum. The exterior walls of Nakarkhana are decorated with beautiful ornaments, which enhanced its beauty. The remains of which still exist today. Nakarkhana had players present who greeted the king on arrival with a sweet sound.

Devgarh Fort Chhindwara : Pearl Stitches

You also get to see a pond in the fort of Devgarh. Also known as pearl stitch. There was a smooth arrangement of water in this kiln. Many ponds and wells were built to collect water on it. The pearl soldering is famous in these ponds.

Devgarh Fort Chhindwara : Kachari

The court of the king was used in the court. Here the king and courtier used to sit on the stage. The public used to stand in front of the stage. The roof of the stage was based on beautiful wooden columns. There is a cushion on the platform for the king to sit, which was then equipped with beautiful gems. People entered the court as per the permission of the king. Here the common people present in the court were monitored for the safety of the king.

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