Dhamoni Fort Sagar

Dhamoni Fort Sagar

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Destination Name

Dhamoni Fort 

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Destination Time

10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Destination Type

Historical Monuments Places

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Destination Build In

17th Century

Destination Build By

Bundella Chieftain Bir Singh Dev

Dhamoni Fort Sagar: History

Dhamoni Fort was built by the Bundella Chieftain Bir Singh Dev in the early part of 17th Century AD. It is setuated in Dhamivi village of Sagar. It was constructed as triangular in plan. The town Dhamoni was established by Raja Surat Shah a descendant of the Gadha Mandla dynasty in the 15th century.

Dhamoni Fort is built on a mountain range of the Vindhyas. The area of the fort is 52 acres. And its percolate is 50 feet wide. A round turret is built all around the park. The only extraordinary thing here is the grand art, which is the Vindhya branches originating from the highest land in the plains of Bundelkhand. There are some beautiful buildings built inside the fort campus which are turning to ruins.

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