fatehgarh fort bhopal

fatehgarh fort bhopal

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fatehgarh fort 

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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Bhopal Afghan Commander Dost Mohammad Khan

Fatehgarh Fort Bhopal: History

The Fatehgarh fort was built by Bhopal Afghan Commander Dost Mohammad Khan on behalf of his wife Begum, Fateh in 1726. She was a Rajput girl called Fateh Bibi. This Monument is one of the historical places of Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh. Ramparts of Fatehgarh fort, Bhopal was architecture of the fort is largely Indian.

Dost Mohammed sometimes went to the big pond for hunting birds. He was fascinated by the pond and its natural beauty. He laid the foundation of the fort Fatehgarh in the name of his wife Fateh Bibi on the banks of the big lake in Bhopal in 1722 AD near the small fort built by Bhoja and it was completed in 1726 AD. Settled a colony in the fort walls and started living in it itself, this settlement became a growing city of Bhopal.

A very large part of the fort is now in use by Kasturba Gandhi Medical College Bhopal. The residential quarters of the fort, including the royal balcony overlooking the upper lake and the city are used as a rest house and fort medical college. The main gate of the fort is adjacent to the Hamidia hospital and is used as a medical store now.

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