garh kundar fort niwari

garh kundar fort niwari

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garh kundar fort 

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Historical Monuments Places

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Garh Kundar Fort Niwari: History

Garh Kundar (Gadhkudhar) is a small village in Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh. It has been named so after the splendid fort, or "Garh", of Kundar located here.

The fort is built at the top of a hill and is five storyed in which two are underground and three are above it. The fort is built in such a way that it is visible from 5 km but as one keeps on coming near to it, the fort seems to be away from sight and the main road gets diverted to any other direction.

Since, Kundar is in an inaccessible place and surrounded by valleys, hills, ravines and thick forests, this fort could not be captured by the Muslim kings of Delhi.The Khangar kings, sensing the state of confusion in Delhi, declared themselves independent and later on enjoyed a trouble free reign of around 100 years in this part of India.

According to the locals goatherds, who themselves never venture into the fort, the fort is haunted. Bardic tradition is of the opinion that anyone who attempts to spend a night within is never seen again.

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