Gulganj Fort Chhatarpur

Gulganj Fort Chhatarpur

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Gulganj Fort 

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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18th century

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Gulganj Fort Chhatarpur: History

The Gulganj Fort is located in Bijawar Mandal, Chhatarpur district, Madhya Pradesh state. It is Constructed in the eighteenth century. It is not so well-known by the traveller, So it not a famous hill fort.But, It is a impracive architecture of this fort. This Monument Fort is an exclusive example of Bundeli architecture in the region. Strategically located on top of a hill, the architectural disposition of the fort suggested a defense typology. It was under the Panna state for a long time. It is a two-storied structure whose entrance door is arch shaped. Its internal part is divided in to two. The entrance to the casement is near the front doorway. It is through this that one can also reach the huge step-well. It has attractive bastions. This fort was considered to be very important from strategic point of view.

The folklore associated with Gulganj Fort, such as Raja Sawant Singh of the Bijawar dynasty gifting it to his concubine Gulbai after whom the town got named as Gulganj.

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