madan mahal - rani durgavati fort Jabalpur

Madan Mahal Fort - Durgavati Fort Jabalpur

Madan Mahal Fort is a suburban area of Jabalpur famous for the historical Durgavati fort. It is Situated atop a hill in Jabalpur town is a small but enchanting fort of the Rajgond rulers. its very tough to go up to the Fort. The fort provides for superb views of the city of Jabalpur and one can access the top of the fort via a flight of stairs carved into the rock.

The Rajgond rulers reigned over Jabalpur, Mandla and surrounding regions. Madan Mahal is one such fort built by them. Though not exactly an architectural marvel, the little fort is characterized by intrigue of ancient monuments in India. The monument is situated at a height of about five hundred meters on the hill of same name. The Balancing Rock is a huge stone balanced on the tip of another. It is a geological wonder on the way to the fort.

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