Narsinghgarh Fort Damoh

Narsinghgarh Fort Damoh

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Narsinghgarh Fort 

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10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Historical Monuments Places

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17th century

Destination Build By

Dewan Parasram

Narsinghgarh Fort Damoh: History

Narsighgarh Fort was built by Dewan Parasram in 17th century. which is belonged to the Kshatriya - Parmar clan of Rajputs and claimed descent from Umat, son of Raja Bhoj. The estate was earlier part of Rajgarh State, whose rulers also share same ancestry and from which it was carved as a new estate. Narsinghgarh fort and palace was the official residence of the rulers of the erstwhile Narsinghgarh princely state. The town of Narsinghgarh is nearly 300 years old. The beautiful lake in the town in which is reflected the old fort and palace still bears the name of the founder.

Narsinghgarh Fort Damoh: Structure

Narsinghgarh fort is situated on the Malwa Plateau in Narsinghgarh township which lies in Damoh district, close to Bhopal city. The average altitude of the fort complex is 483 meters(1584 feet). This fort was developed architecture by combination of Rajpur, Malwa and Mughal style of architectures. The fort is spread over an area of little over 45 acres of land. The built-up area of the palace is around 1.77 lacks square foot. It has got 304 rooms were available for use in this monument. Here in this fort building, we can also find 4 large halls, 12 chowks and 64 verandah areas. It was the thrid biggest fort of Central India. It is the third largest fort in Madhya Pradesh state, after Mandu Fort and Gwalior Fort than this fort thus we can understand its importance in this region. In his peak time, Narsinghgarh fort was counted among best forts of Parmar ruling princes of India. It is situated nearly 350 feet above the town on the hood of a snake-like hill. The fort's pool was made in 19th century. He built a tank known as Paras Ram Sagar The town's lake still bears the name of the founder. East side of Narsinghgarh fort, there are also found state wildlife sanctuary Madhya Pradesh is close to this monument with a big lake and a good Rest house.

Narsinghgarh Fort Damoh: Best time to visit

Narsinghgarh is a heritage tourism destination thus it is open for visitors, throughout the year. It is surrounded by three lakes and forested land thus most of the tourists prefer to visit in months of August to March when it offers scenic surrounding view, along with fort sightseeing. It is also the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh.

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